Cardiovascular Research Grid

The aim of the CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG) project is to create an infrastructure for sharing cardiovascular data and data analysis tools. The CVRG will support national and international multi-institutional collaborations in cardiovascular science, and will build on and extend tools developed in the caBIG and BIRN projects.

Key Personnel

  • Principal Investigator: Raimond Winslow, JHU
  • Project Manager: Stephen Granite, JHU

Participating Groups

  • Institute for Computational Medicine at Johns Hopkins University
  • Center for Comprehensive Informatics at Emory University


Development of an image management system that can be integrated into a security infrastructure, to ensure secure storage of imaging data


NHLBI R24 HL085343

BIRN is supported by NIH grants 1U24-RR025736, U24-RR021992, U24-RR021760 and by the Collaborative Tools Support Network Award 1U24-RR026057-01.