Taub Institute for Research at Columbia University

The Taub Institute for Research focuses on cognitive-experimental and neuroimaging approaches to cognitive functioning across the life span. There is an emphasis on normal and abnormal aging, and degenerative neurological disease.

Key Personnel


This group is currently implementing the FBIRN’s Human Imaging Database (HID), Clinical Assessment Layout Manager (CALM) and Quality Assurance tools to fully organize their existing neuroimaging and cognitive data sets and to prepare for upcoming large scale studies. Center investigators foresee that these tools will enhance their abilities to maintain proper data organization, integrity and quality, thus facilitating their ability to disseminate their data and results.

BIRN is supported by NIH grants 1U24-RR025736, U24-RR021992, U24-RR021760 and by the Collaborative Tools Support Network Award 1U24-RR026057-01.