Resources: Overview

BIRN provides a diverse, growing collection of data-related resources:  software tools that facilitate data sharing and analysis, best practices to help users build on lessons learned with large image-sharing trials, and data collected in those trials.  Any or all of these may prove useful for new users, either directly or to spark ideas about how to maximize BIRN’s potential for specific groups and purposes.

This section also contains a different kind of resource:  a Share Your Tools page that describes how BIRN can help you disseminate tools you’ve developed, and where to go for funding if you’re intrigued by the prospect of integrating those tools with existing BIRN capabilities.

We expect this section, particularly the Tools page, to grow significantly in 2010.  Please check back often for new capabilities and expanded functionality of existing ones.

BIRN is supported by NIH grants 1U24-RR025736, U24-RR021992, U24-RR021760 and by the Collaborative Tools Support Network Award 1U24-RR026057-01.